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  •      The territory of Bulgaria is 111, 910 km2
  •      The population is around 7,9 million
  •      Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic
  •      The Currency (Bulgarian Lev) is pegged to the Euro: 1 EUR = 1.955 BGN
  •      Time zone: GMT+2.00 hours
  •      The spoken language is Bulgarian, the alphabet is Cyrillic
  •      The major airports are Sofia, Varna and Bourgas
  •      English, Deutsch, Francais, Russian are spoken by the personnel in nearly every resort, hotel and            restaurant.
  •      The international dialling code for Bulgaria +359

      Bulgaria is situated in south-eastern Europe. It occupies the central part of Balkan peninsula on both sides of the Balkan Range (the Balkans), from which the peninsula has taken its name.Area sizeof Bulgaria 110910km2.

     The climate in Bulgaria is moderate continental with four yearly seasons and average annual temperature of 10.5Cº. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of 0 degrees Cº. The average air temperature in the summer is 30Cº and the average water temperature 25Cº.

A charming and vivid country named  Bulgaria has existed for more than 13 centuries in Southeast Europe.Bulgaria.It is a land of unspoiled natural beauty, where time has been known to stand still.With warm weather and stunning blue flag beaches as well as beautiful countryside, and modern, vibrant cities Bulgaria has something to offer everyone.

     This country has an important strategic locationplaying the role of a cross road between the Westand the East..Besides its stunning scenery the country also offers a wealth of Balkan culture and history, wonderfully decorated churches, tranquil mountain monasteries, and perfectly preserved rural villages.
With warm weather and stunning blue flag beaches and modern ski resorts as well as beautiful countryside, vibrant cities Bulgaria has something to offer everyone.
This country has an important strategic location playing the role of a cross road between the West and the East.Bulgaria is bordered by Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea.Its territory is not that extensive at all, but being concentrated on such tiny space, natural landmarks are even more fascinating. The sublime mountains, age-old forests, lovely valleys, great plains, golden coastline and incredible sea-water make Bulgarian nature attractive. That is why Bulgaria takes pains to preserve its natural landmarks by turning vast areas of land into natural reserves and national parks. 
      Bulgaria and its capital Sofia offer a cosmopolitan quality of life that is regarded as among the highest in Europe. First time visitors to Bulgaria are often surprised by the diversity and stunning natural beauty. For years a real effort has been made in order to preserve the country’s rich and unspoilt flora and fauna. As a result, today’s Bulgaria is ecologically one of the purest countries in Europe, with exceptionally clear air and water resources. There are 7 national parks, more than 3000 protected natural sites and 17 bio-spherical reserves (the greatest recorded number in Europe). There are also 419 protected animal species and 63 protected types of plant.
     Variety of supermarkets, hyper markets and techno markets, including famous European chain stores.
Big car market consisting of both new and second hand automobiles from Germany, France and Italy.
Supermarket chains, hypermarkets and retail outlets • Food hypermarkets: Billa, CBA, Kaufland, T-market, Mercator, Tempo, Lidl (soon), Penny Market, Plus, Hit, Ena • DIY hypermarkets: bauMax, Praktiker, Mr. Bricolage • Carrefour • IKEA (soon) • METRO

Bulgaria is a great place for life, holidays and fun, so think about it !

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