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                                              BULGARIA IN PICTURE


              Vidin is one of the oldest towns along the Bulgarian Danube bank It appears as the Roman fortress of Bononia on the foundations of a Thracian settlement.  Baba Vida fortress, built in the 9th-10th centuries on the ruins of a Roman fortress (rebuilt many times, its present appearance dating back to the 18th C.)

     Vidin is a starting point for excursions along the Danube.

    Vidin municipality is located in the farthest north west corner of Bulgaria.Two trans-European corridors pass through it: No. 4 and No. 7.2.5 km from the city is the Vidin-Calafat ferry that servicing the European transport corridor No. 4.The River Station and Customs Office Vidin processes goods and passengers along the second European transport corridor No. 7 - the Danube River.

                Vidin region houses the unique biosphere reserve of Chuprene, the gorgeous Belogradchik Rocks, lots of caves (Magura, Venetsa). Natural landmarks, ecologically clean areas and opportunities for fishing in the dams along the Danube River are prerequisites for development of ecotourism, fishing and balneological tourism.

    The main railroad in the region is the Sofia–Mezdra–Vraca–Vidin railway line. The two harbors (near Vidinand near  Novo selo and the vehicle and railroad car ferryboat line serve as a shortcut between Western Europe, Bulgaria and the Aegean Sea.

        Varshets disposes of excellent tourist infrastructure. There are 2 spa centres, polyclinic, numerous rest houses, hotels and also many private lodgings. In the region of Varshets there are many interesting landmarks and places for recreation. The nearest place is the Waterfall - about 3 km from the baths. Varshets famous for its curative mineral springs, mild mountain climate, beautiful scenery and a large well-kept park

        Bercovitsa- charming throughout all four seasons
Owing to the beauty of its virgin environment, the Balkan of berkovitsa is a wonder place for tourism, sports and leisure.
     The Kom Tourist and Sport complex is located just 15 kilometres away from the town, 12 kilometres from Petrohan gorge and 1500 meters above the sea level. Kom peak itself is 2016 meters above the sea level.
The snow cover in the site lasts for almost five months, which determines nice skiing contritions for the ski and snowboard lovers.

        Location of Vratsa (in foots of Vratsa Mountain Natural Park) and Ledenika cave (16 km west of Vratsa) attract climbers and tourists from Bulgaria and abroad and offer excellent conditions for ecotourism, climbing, winter sports, spelunking.

    Vratsa is the junction where two of the largest European transport corridors meet - corridor No. 4 and N7. The geographical location of the municipality will become even more important when the second Bulgarian bridge over the Danube is built at Vidin.

   With its diverse, unique and beautiful nature Vratza Region offers great opportunities for tourism –  ecological, rural, hunting, cave tourism and alpinism. Among the protected areas are the Vratza Balkan Nature Park, Vratza Karst Reserve, Ledenika Cave, Skaklya waterfall, Vratzata gorge of the Leva River, Bozhi Most (God’s bridge),it is a cliff bridge.

   There are a lot of archeological and historic monuments in the region. Of particular value are treasures masterpieces of Thracian art. Vratza treasure of the 4th century BC was discovered on the Mogilan hill in Vratsa. Near the village of Rogozen in 1986 a treasure dated back to the 4th-5th centuries BC was uncovered, which belonged to a Thracian notable family – the biggest treasure ever found. The monasteries offer unique environment of peace and serenity – the Cherepish Monastery, Strupesh Monastery, the Monastery of Archangel Michael.


Lovech Region is situated in central northen of Bulgaria.  Its territory is a combination of plains and hills. Nature has been very generous to these lands where the Balkan Mountains and the Danubian Plain meet, the Vit, the Osam, the Vidima Rivers run together with their tributaries. There are 8 natural reserves and protected areas.

In the region there are over 600 monuments of culture.The Silver Lulovit. Treasure is an outstanding work of the Thracian art. 

The spa springs in Shipkovo,Slivek and Krustuna, as well as the mountain resorts of Apriltsi, Teteven,Troyan, the villages of Ribaritsa, Oreshak and the locality of Beklemeto offer excellent conditions for balneological tourism and ecotourism.

       Pleven municipality occupies the Central part of the Danube lowland, located at almost equal distance from the Danube River and the Balkan mountain range. In Pleven region there are more than 450 archeological and cultural sites, approximately 215 memorials of the Russian-Turkish Liberation War of 1877-1878. Pleven has reach history - till nowadays Pleven has preserved its cultural – historical heritage that made it famous as the town of museums.  

               In Central Northern Bulgaria is situated the region of Veliko Tarnovo.There are 140 cultural monuments.

      Here are some of the most visited cultural and historic sites which make tourism a significant part of the region’s economics.

       The climate in region is mild, temperate and each season gives plenty of opportunities for sport and recreation. The favorable climate, the existence of natural and historic sites and the development of national arts and crafts constitute prerequisites for the all-year development of the recreation and sport activities and tourism. 


    Gabrovo Region is situated in Central Northern Bulgaria. The relief of the region is diverse, mostly mountainous.There are more than 650 monuments of culture, most of which are related to the National Revival period. Handicrafts thrived in the region during the National Revival period giving rise to the Tryvna Arts School. Master builders, woodcarvers and icon painters became famous for their talent and skills and their fame traveled far beyond the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire. The icon painters and woodcarvers of Tryvna have left wonderful works of art.


   Ruse Region includes a part of the hilly Danubian Plain, the Danubian riverside plain of Pobrezhie and part of Ludogorie lowlands.

    The region is important for the national transport system.The only bridge (till now 2006) over the Danube on the territory of Bulgaria for the time being is in Rousse Municipality.The Rousse bridge continues to be the main way across the Bulgarian part of the Danube. The bridge is 2.8 kilometres long and is suspended 30 metres above the water on two levels – for the trains and for vehicles. The middle part can go up and let larger ships pass under it.

    Protected areas on the territory of the region include the Rusenski Lom Nature Park, which comprises the picturesque canyon of the river valley, rock formations near the villages of Pisanets and Mechka, and the Orlova Chuka Cave.

             Targovishte Region is situated in North-Eastern Bulgaria.he region has transport importance. It is crossed by Hemus Highway and theSofia-Varna railroad.

         The climatic conditions are typical for the temperately continental climate. Cold north-eastern winds blow during the winter months and blow away the blanket of snow and blight with frost the winter wheat. The summer is hot and dry. Nowdays Targoviste is also known as an agricultural and wine producing region with plenty of artificial lakes and forests rich in game and picturesque landscape.

  Razgrad Region is situated in the northeastern part of the Danubian Plain, in a plain and hilly area.

There are about 1,200 stationary cultural monuments in the region, which, along with the thousands of items and documents, illustrate the rich material and spiritual culture of the tribes and peoples who have been living in the Ludogorie throughout the millennia.Tourism development is one of the priorities in the strategic planning of the Municipality of Razgrad.




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