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Too many reasons to invest in Bulgaria

     With incredibly beautiful nature, 300 days of sunshine, summer temperatures in excess of 30c, three months of snow, 260km of golden beaches,Bulgaria has something to offer everyone.
Bulgaria remains the unknown country of the Balkans, a paradise on a small, but beautiful patch of land.Besides its stunning scenery the country also offersa wealth of Balkan culture and history, wonderfullydecorated churches, tranquil mountain monasteries,
and perfectly preserved rural villages.
     The country is dotted by hundreds of lakes and springs. Bulgaria boasts over 260 glacial lakes and 2,200 dam lakes.There is an abundance of mineral springs, many of which are being turned into tourist attractions where people can bathe in the healing waters. Bulgaria is also renowned for its wealth of natural parks and reserves which offer walking, trekking and climbing.
    Balkan culture and European ways of life mingle here.With its roots dating back some 1,300 years, Bulgaria is a country both rich in tradition and ripe with opportunity.

     Bulgaria is an exciting emerging market and currently offers property at prices simply un-obtainable in other areas of the world. Purchasers are snapping up bargains now, with a view to enjoying excellent returns on investment in the near future.
Whatever your budget, Bulgaria offers considerably better
value for money than any other country.
Low price standard   Bulgaria offers the best opportunity for retirement life.You can enjoy a relevant standart of living at an extremly low cost, compared to other European countries.
Not only is the quality of life in Bulgaria good, but the cost of living is one of the lowest in Europe. A meal for two, made from organically pure products and including a bottle of nice wine will not cost you more than seven or eight Euros.
 Bulgaria is a small country and it would take no more than a few hours to drive to any place in the country. There are also some International destinations you can reach within a day, Istanbul   Turkey ; Bucharest   Romania ; Thessalonica   Greece ; Ohrid   Macedonia .
Bulgaria has a very strategic geographic location. Its position on the European continent allows investors to reach the entire market of the European Union and the markets of central and eastern Europe, which represent a total population of 853 million.
Close proximity to Europe and increased low cost airlines offering direct routes to Bulgaria from many UK and other European airports, make Bulgaria easily accessible and a viable property location for investors and property purchasers alike.
Bulgaria has lots more for offer!
Perfect climate! Wonderful nature! Warm and kind people!

The currency board, pegging the Bulgarian lev to euro, has paved the way to achieving and maintaining macroeconomic stability. 

  • NATO membership    
  • EU Member                 
  • EU membership
  • Stable political environment & low country risk:
  • Low labour and operating costs. 
  • Tax incentives: (10% tax on corporate profits; 0% corporate tax in high unemployment areas; 10% flat tax on personal income);
  • Favourable investment legislation

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