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Buying requirements

Please examine the following info if you are interested in buying agriland or forest in Bulgaria:

According to the changes in the Ownership and Use of Agricultural Land Act entered into force in the beginning of 2014 Non-Bulgarian nationals are not allowed to buy agricultural lands. The concrete amendment consists in the newly introduced legal impossibility of acquiring and holding an ownership right over agricultural lands in Bulgaria by: Natural or legal persons who have resided or have been established in the Republic of Bulgaria for less than 5 years. "Agrilands" are all lands out of regulation of the settlements which are not included into the Forestry Fund, namely: arable, used or suitable for growing crops, fields, pastures, and woodlands in agriland, vineyards, orchards. Restrictions do not apply to forests from Forestry Fund.

All forests included in Forestry Funds are free of any restrictions and could be acquired by Non-Bulgarian nationals through forming a Bulgarian company.

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