The cheapest european real estate marketplace: Bulgaria. Our realtor company offer a totally ethical, professional and friendly property sales service and after sales services. In order to guarantee your investments we hire the best jurists and specialists in the field of real estate and property management.

Frequently asked questions



1. Is it possible to buy without coming to Bulgaria?

Yes, this is possible, but not always so straight forward. You will have to get documents signed and stamped in the UK. It is often easier and quicker to come to Bulgaria for a couple of days and sort everything out here.  You will be able to see the property.

2. Will I require a solicitor to complete my purchase?

No, as "Jutic" ltd. covers the cost of full legalisation of paperwork, all notary fees and solicitor costs in Bulgaria.  However, we would always recommend you seek your own legal advice.

3. Why is 'company formation' mentioned?

In Bulgaria, land can only be owned by Bulgarian citizens or Bulgarian companies.  Therefore the simple way to purchase land if you are not a Bulgarian citizen is to set up a Bulgarian company that purchases and holds the land.  This is a common and completely legal formality which we do on your behalf.

4. Do we need a visa to travel to Bulgaria and how long can we stay?

EU citizens do not require a visa in order to visit Bulgaria and can stay in Bulgaria for 90 days in any 6 months.

5. How easy is it to purchase property in Bulgaria ?

Purchasing a property in Bulgaria is generally a simple, hassle free process. The single most inportant factor is to ensure that you use the services of a licensed Real Estate company. Our team of professionals are here for your individual requirements.
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6. What is the best way to get to Bulgaria ?

There are many airlines which fly regularly to Bulgaria, but the most used for flights from UK to BG are BritishAirways and Bulgaria

7. Can we use our credit and debit cards when we come?

In the bigger towns, you can use your cards, but still only in the larger shops. All the hotels will accept cards, and all the major petrol stations, but in general most other transactions are carried out in cash

8. What are the costs involved for purchasing (selling) property in Bulgaria ?

We charge the following fees and agent commissions:

Agent's commission: For each property purchased (or sold) with our help and assistance we charge only 2 % agent's commission on the purchasing price but not less then  600 euros. Our commission is payable when a deposit is paid and a preliminary contract for purchasing (selling) the property is signed.

9. Are there any expenses for completing the purchase procedure?

 There are some additional chages which are very small and depend on each property:notary fees, tax when purchasing property, stamp duty, etc. . For example for a rural house these vary from 250 to 350 Euros. These should be paid separately by the buyer.

10. How long does buying a property in Bulgaria take?

Common practice shows the process of the real estate property purchase in Bulgaria takes about a month. The first thing you will have to do is to conclude an order-contract with "Jutic" Lrd., then we will arrange viewing trips and give all information aboud estate market in Bulgaria so that you can choose a property that suits your needs and buget. When you have made a chice, you will have to pay a deposit to reserve your property.

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