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Nort-West Bulgaria

The North West region of Bulgaria includes districts of Vidin, Montana and Vratsa. The most attractive natural phenomena are the Belogradchik rocks and the Ledenika and Magura caves. The healthy mineral springs in the region should support the growth of the main tourist centre at Varshets. The various lakes, rivers and particularly the Danube River are also important for tourist development.

Sience the begining of the decade,this area seems to be coming out on the top when it comes to value-for-money

Investing in properties in these areas could be a very smart move. There are plans to develop this as centre for rural tourism. Furthermore, there are already 2 established Ski resorts - Berkovitsa and Parshevitsa in the Vrachanski Balkan, SPA resort of Vurshets, add to this the opportunities for great hiking, rock climbing, fishing and mountain biking in the Natural park "Vrachanski Balkan", and it is easy to see the potential for growth in real estate market in North West Bulgaria.

Moreover due to the region's proximity to the capital of the country (just 1-2 hours driving distance) and Sofia International Airport, also the good transport connections make buying a property in North West Bulgaria a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city living and discover natural beauty of the countryside.

NATO membership    
EU Member                 
EU membership
Stable political environment & low country risk:
Low labour and operating costs. 
Tax incentives: (10% tax on corporate profits; 0% corporate tax in high unemployment areas; 10% flat tax on personal income);
Favourable investment legislation
The currency board, pegging the Bulgarian lev to euro, has paved the way to achieving and maintaining macroeconomic stability

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