The cheapest european real estate marketplace: Bulgaria. Our realtor company offer a totally ethical, professional and friendly property sales service and after sales services. In order to guarantee your investments we hire the best jurists and specialists in the field of real estate and property management.

Company Formation

Company Formation


  According to Bulgarian Legislation foreigners are not allowed to   own land.The only way of purchasing property with land in          Bulgaria is through Bulgarian LTD. This is a smooth and    straight-forward procedure, which has been used by thousands  of foreigners so far.
    The company you register will own the property and you will own the company and its assets. There is no need to have a Bulgarian partner or manager of the company – any foreign person can register and own 100% of the shares of a Bulgarian company. It will be a regular limited company, which can also trade and you can do business with it if you wish. Tax conditions in Bulgaria are very favourable for starting a business.
     You are required to visit our office in order to sign company paperwork which is officially translated into English for you.
 A dedicated bank account will be opened to collect all share capital. You are no longer required to deposit 5000BGN into your company registration account.We will provide you with language assistance in a Bulgarian bank (a bank of your choice, or recommended by us) to open company account - if needed, as in most banks there is English speaking staff.
     If you have no time to stay in Bulgaria you have to authorize us through signing a Power of Attorney(This would need to be signed and stamped). Generally Power Of Attorneys will be issued only for the purpose of buying a property.All documents must be verified by a notary.
     The company exists from the moment it is added to the Commercial Register of the district court of where the company will be based.

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